Working on to a Different Stage

Woring on? Working in? Working to?

What the heck.

I forgot that I have moved this blog to

Since my domain license ran out last year and have decided to let go of this “MyEndof.Life”, I’m writing as simply on “” from now.

Until last year, I was trying to do sales on Artificial Intelligence, very much like Open AI’s ChatGPT that’s for video image but there were no sales.
Not just no sales, people did not understand the value that was behind it, although many thought it was interesting.

The problem was that I could not convince people to spend 10 million yen (about $80K USD) to develop an AI surveillance system (basically an automatic watchdog).

Then there was the Blockchain technology.
Another issue that people talk about but no action.
Anything to do with the blockchain, people only think of “cryptocurrency”.

Blockchain is a digital ledger system that can keep a record of who changed what and who updated and if that change is authentic or not.
This is useful in keeping track of families and relative as well as any assets being transferred just like the Bitcoins.

Thailand uses this to sell electricity via peer to peer and give extra boost in other people in need of excess electricity one household has, especially when you have a solar panel system, not that solar system is good or so.

The next was Quantum technology.
A group of scientists developed a chip that uses nuclear radiation of beta decay to create a physical random number.
This random number cannot be hacked since it bascially counts the electrons emitted from Americium decay per second and transmitted via net for authentication.

This was so high tech that people did not understand the usage but I kept teaching that it’s so necessary for 2FA or higher to secure your data.

The usual 2FA random number generated are from algorythm which can easily be hacked and it doesn’t need a quantum computer to do it. All you need to do is to steal the random number list which NSA did with Gemalto in 2010. This has not yet been compensated since it’s too much of a hassle to fix with all the SIM cards for cell phones that’s flooded in the market.

Yes, it’s been 13 years already and probably nothing has been done, even afther Gemalto has been bought by Thales Group.

This business of sales of chip ended up as tech too early for introduction or simply as “Ahead of its time”.

Then there was the Russian nuclear power plant manufacture which I was doing sales.
Due to this Ukraine-Russia war, everything halted.

Russia was expelled out of SWIFT code banking system and there was no way of getting budget.
No big money was able to be transferred.

Well, I’ll update here again when I feel it’s right.